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Perhaps you’d forgotten about the QX50; it was certainly beginning to seem like Infiniti had.

When it first came out in 2008 — back then, it was known as the EX35 — this slick little SUV emphasized performance over practicality, with a powerful V6 engine up front and cramped accommodations out back. The EX was a great performer with a lovely interior, but it was the wrong combination for a country just learning to cope with $4/gallon gas. Aside from an engine change in 2013 and a name change in 2014, it’s been withering on the vine ever since.

For 2016, Infiniti seems to have suddenly remembered that the QX50 exists, and it has made one very meaningful change: It has stretched the car by 4.5 inches, with 3.2 inches of that length added between the wheels. Nearly all of that extra space has been added to the back seat, which sees an increase of just under four inches of knee room and just more than four inches of legroom. And with this one change, Infiniti has fixed the single biggest drawback with this SUV.
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