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  1. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hello I bought a used 2017 qx30 infiniti "as is" from an auction $11,000. I have spent close to $13,000 changing the engine, transmission and starter. This car won't still run, mechanic says since the engine was replaced ecm will need to be programmed by dealership. The dealership struggles...
  2. Engine and Technical Discussion
    My air conditioning in my QX30 has not worked in two years. It blows, however is only blows hot air. The heat works fine in the winter though. I recently got a diagnoses done. I got it checked to see if the Compressor was bad. They could not confirm that it was the compressor. Just that...
  3. QX30 Dealers, Pricing, Purchasing and Orders
    So tonight I'm 100 miles on a trip. Getting there no issues. Go to leave and can't unlock car (2017 QX30 Sport). It's dark but I manage to get key out and unlock door. Alarm bares. I that my key and start the car. Figured it's not car battery so maybe fob battery. Not sure. So I get home and put...
  4. QX30 General Discussion
    My engine light came one this morning and I scanned it with my ODBC-II scanner and its telling me that the code is a P052E or The valve for crankcase ventilation has a malfunction. How serious is this code. I only have 27k on this thing not even a year old from purchase date.
1-4 of 6 Results