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Forum to share and discuss photos and videos of the new Infiniti QX30.
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2017 QX30 Premium FWD
2017 QX30 Premium FWD 2017 Infiniti QX30 (...
p07r0457's 2018 Infiniti QX30 Premium AWD
p07r0457's 2018 Infiniti QX30 Premium AWD 2018 Infiniti QX30 P...
Infiniti Renegade Monster
Infiniti Renegade Monster 2015 Infiniti FX70 (...
Drarran's 2017 Infiniti QX30
Drarran's 2017 Infiniti QX30 2017 Infiniti QX30 (...
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  1. QX30 Boost Controller

    QX30 General Discussion
    Hey guys, I just recently picked up my QX30 Sport and the first thing I did was try on my Dinan Piggyback that I had for my C300. The controller is compatible with most if not all MBenz turbo'd cars, including the GLA250 which shares the chassis and engine with the QX30. I decided to give it a...
  2. Anyone Replace Halogen Headlight Bulbs With LED?

    Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    My girl just picked up her QX30 (without the LED package) and we were disappointed to find halogen headlights. After many years of owning/leasing Infiniti, we were surprised to see halogen - I expected HID with LED as an upgrade option. Nonetheless, I haven't peeked behind the headlight...
  3. What Did You Do To Your Infiniti QX30 Today?

    What Did You Do To Your Infiniti QX30 Today?
    Share what you did today with the Infiniti QX30 community! Example: Pick up the QX30 at the dealer today! Example: Finally got my window tints done, now I can't open my windows for a week Example: Roof rack came in the mail. Thinking of installing it tomorrow. Anything goes!
  4. Want Push-Button Start?

    QX30 General Discussion
    So I saw that some people have complained that this car doesn't have push-button start. I found this curious, since it has the same key as a Mercedes and they have PB start. So we tried an experiment. We popped the start button out of an E-class we had on the lot and put it into a new QX30 (it...
  5. Cool feature, find something, learn anything?

    QX30 General Discussion
    Every car forum needs a thread like this. It seems like a few days go by and I learn something new about this car or find a new feature. I don't know if there is a thread or if I should re-read the manual, but I like hearing about other people's experiences. For example, every modern day car...