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Default 8 months later... regret

For me personally, it's hard admitting I made the wrong choice.

This car (for me) is too small., uncomfortable on road trips, the transmission is herky jerky in Sport mode (but I do like the acceleration), I don't like how much moisture gets in the headlamps, I don't like the long door locks that stick out and look like a 1990s car, rubber sealing started falling off, the backup camera is delayed.

I previously had a 2016 Nissan Murano which had a sticker price of about 32k and it had more room, was the most comfortable vehicle I ever owned and I liked the V6.

This qx30 had a sticker price of 45k... that is laughable. I'm glad I only leased it.

I feel better knowing this is actually a mercedes and u hope Infiniti learned their lesson as their cars are markedly better engineered than this German crap. I'm sorry if I ruffle feathers but honestly, Mercedes!!! Everything about this car is CHEAP. I also have a Lexus coupe and from now on will only stick with Lexus.

Again, just my personal experience. I just cannot believe they'd try to pass this off as luxury.
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I'm sorry you regret your choice. It's a situation I've been in, before, and it is frustrating.

I would agree that the QX30 is a small car. I could use it as my primary vehicle if it was only going to be me inside of it. When my wife and I are both in it then it feels cramped. Ultimately, my wife prefers a small car, so this was a good fit for her.

I agree this is not a road-trip car. It's a commuter car that adds some premium touches over your standard Honda/Nissan/Toyota and has a more sporty feel.

I always find the transmission complaints to be funny. It's a DCT. They're already known for snappy shifts, and then people complain that they're jerky in Sport mode? DUH. Unless you're driving aggressively (in which case you'd appreciate the shifts) then get out of Sport mode! It is comical, to me, that people mis-use the feature and then complain about it. In Eco, I find the transmission has an excellent, crisp yet smooth and comfortable, shift characteristic.

If moisture is getting in the headlamps then you have a defective headlamp or an improperly installed seal. I'd take it to a dealer and get that fixed/replaced under warranty.

The door lock pins are odd, I agree. It's one of the most obvious "cheap" parts of this car. For $20 you can fix that, however. Check out eBay and you'll find a variety of aluminum replacements.

I haven't had any rubber seals fail, but if you have then see if the dealer can replace under warranty. Unless you're doing something to cause them to fail, it should be a warranty concern. I did have a Nissan Frontier where I would rub against the seal when getting in and I did end up chowdering it up a bit... Paid to replace that one out of my own pocket. It was less than $50.

Arguing about Murano vs QX30 size vs price is silly. Those are two completely different vehicles. You can go get a Dodge Caravan and have WAY more room than both of those vehicles for less money. It doesn't make the Caravan a "good" vehicle or even a competitor to the QX30. You can also find vehicles that are MORE expensive than the QX30 and are similar size, or even smaller. Size isn't what dictates price. The Murano is a mainstream car with Nissan-grade quality (read: Not good) and one of the worst transmissions on the market. The QX30 isn't perfect, but it's a premium vehicle. The materials are generally nicer, the engineering generally better, and the components are certainly more high-end. CVT vs DCT should be all you need to hear to know these cannot be compared.

I guess it's "different strokes for different folks". My wife and I were disappointed to hear that Infiniti will probably not be pursuing a 2nd generation QX30. It will likely force us to leave the brand. Infiniti doesn't make a single other vehicle worth looking at, imo. The only "Infiniti" thing we liked about the QX30 was the styling -- much better than the Mercedes GLA. Everything else we like about the car can be traced back to Mercedes engineering. If anything, the QX30 will probably make us take a closer look at Mercedes, next time.

My parents bought a Lexus Ct200h and have had numerous complaints about how "it doesn't feel like a Lexus" or how some parts don't live up to the Lexus badge. Well, I got news for everybody... Whether it's the Ct200h or the QX30 we all bought the CHEAPEST model from the brand. It's an entry-level-luxury vehicle. They're a definite cut-above the mainstream Nissan/Toyota option, but for $40k (or less -- way less, really, as I hope no one actually paid even close to $40k for their QX30) you're also not getting the "best" that the brand can offer you.
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2018 Infiniti QX30 Premium AWD - Majestic White
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Sorry to hear. I absolutely love mine. The sport seats are the most comfy I have been in and have only taken her on one 3 hr trip, but I would call it an excellent road trip car. Back seat shoulder room is the only size 'issue', but luckily for me, I sit in the drivers seat.
I love the DCT and don't experience the jerkyness... I do wish the tranny had a 'normal' mode, but I use Manual as my 'normal' mode.
I bought my Sport 1 yr old with 11K on it for almost $20K less than your number. I am thinking about buying a 2nd one for the wife.
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Personal choice - I have a much larger twin turbo AWD 6 passenger Flex limited -and the QX is perfect for us - smaller ( not too small) comfortable and economical -29 mpg. The wife loves it and did not like my other choice - an AMG 45 was too harsh for her ...

I will look for door lock buttons --
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I agree with Indio7777, I feel as though I made a mistake when I purchased my QX30. I don't feel as though it's too small when it's just two people riding in it, but put a baby seat and a third adult and it feels very cramped. I don't care for how difficult it is to shut the back hatch. My daughter has the QX50 and while her back hatch also isn't automated, it is much easier to close. When I experienced moisture in the headlamps and took it to the dealership I was told it was designed that way and only if the condensation was constant would they consider it a problem. It always has dissipated so I guess they are correct.

As a long, long time Mercedes owner, I purchased the QX30 for two main reasons. First, the fact that it has a Mercedes engine and interior and second because of the color (liquid copper) and the body style. Test drove the Mercedes GLA250 first and just wasn't happy with the overall look. Very pleased with the drive and feel of the QX30, except now with 11,000 miles on it I'm noticing a delay with the backup camera. I did have that happen when I first purchased the car last June and all it needed was a software update, so a trip back to the dealership may solve that problem. I'm still not 100% happy with the crushed wiring harness cover at the back hatch but so far have not experienced any additional problems because of it.

I too will probably leave the Infiniti family as soon as makes sense financially to get rid of the 30. The only other model they had that I would even consider was the QX70 but they stopped production in 2017. Supposedly they are returning the model in 2020 but it is going to be more "egg shaped" like the reconfigured QX50. Frankly, at this point I don't know what my next car will be. I looked at the Mercedes GLA250, the Infiniti and a Volvo XC40 before choosing the QX30. Perhaps a Range Rover or hopefully Mercedes will come out with something new and exciting in the next couple of years.
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I'm about 30K miles into my 32.5K mileage lease. I've had nearly the same complaints throughout my ownership since February 2017. See my post about city stop-and-go driving here: https://www.infinitiqx30.org/forum/q...c-driving.html

However, a city in Florida isn't the same as a city elsewhere. I've used this car for about five months in Maryland (D.C. traffic, ugh), about a year in Florida (woo, smooth flat roads), and now I have the car in Boston (small, compact, awfully bumpy roads).

This car is definitely perfect for Boston. The small size, 360 degree cameras, auto park, heated seats, LED lights, and low-end torque are all ideal for real urban city driving. I go over the crappy roads like a champ.

My complaints (your own experiences will vary) about the car are now limited to the following:

- subpar gas mileage
- higher than average insurance premiums relative to other cars in its class
- the right side mirror doesn't return to its default position quick enough after shifting from reverse back to drive; you have to actually drive in order for the mirror to return to its default position (this is annoying when trying to reverse and then drive out of a parallel parking spot when you're parked on the left side)
- very bad Infiniti service center experience at nearly all Infiniti dealerships (seriously, why can't they just copy what Lexus/BMW/Mercedes-Benz do?)

Am I going to miss the car when I turn it in? Absolutely. I can't find another premium car in any category that offers the level of tech/features and unique design for the amount I pay for my lease.

Am I going to be happy when I turn it in? Absolutely. I can't wait to find another premium car that offers an improvement on the level of tech/features and unique design that I paid for for my QX30. I've got my eyes set on the new A-Class, but I doubt it will lease as nicely as the QX30. Alternatively, I'm going to consider the QX50.

2017 QX30 Premium AWD - Exterior: Black Obsidian - Interior: Graphite
Technology Package - Moonroof - LED Package - Navigation Package
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Our 17 QX30 has been great so far. Gas mileage with the AWD is poor, I have to admit. I have had good experiences at the Infiniti dealership.
MB dealerships vary greatly. Just go on the forums and you'll see. I do love my 14 CLA to this day though!
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What a bunch of petty, whining assholes. You all sound very internal combustion savvy (ha). Like you're talking about washing machines. You don't like the door lock buttons. The transmission shifts too fast/slow. Can't fit twelve people and a baby seat, did you look inside the car before you bought it? DUH. It's a great little car, for what it is. I've owned Nissans for 40 years. New, used.... treat them right and guess what.....I still own and drive my 93 twin turbo.
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I've had mine for over two years and I appreciate the balance between comfort, gas mileage, sportiness, snow performance and utility. I really do like it and have had few minor complaints. I lease mine and will definitely miss it when I turn it back in. I think is a great little car and it's fitted my needs well. If Nissan weren't pulling the plug, I would probably wait a few years and buy one when they are like $10k used. However, I have a feeling that getting issues fixed down the road will be too difficult. I'm not sure how anyone can complain too much about the mpg, when it does about the same as a Crosstrek, but has about 50 more hp. I initially wasn't getting what was advertised, but it has improved and It's still good for an AWD.


I have laid down the seats and put a lot of stuff in the back.
Recently drove over 500 mile road trip and averaged 31 mpg.
It is considerably quieter than a Subaru, Honda, Toyota or Nissan with similar dimensions.
It has excellent acceleration and handling characteristics.
Dealer has been very nice and I've put over 500 miles on their free loaner cars.
Lots of luxury features -- Nice Bose audio, pano roof, heated seats, memory seats, auto wipers, leather
Unique look - lots of compliments from passengers compared to most small cars
mine has black headliner/pillars (love that)

value has fallen a lot more than I hoped
Stupid locks
Nav screen always goes back on, even if it was in audio mode
Tiny back seats
Poor visibility
cruise controller too close to turn signal
Issues with backup camera (dealer corrected)
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Default Backup Camera fix?

Originally Posted by Chris92SE View Post
Issues with backup camera (dealer corrected)
Hey, if you are referring to the random blackout of the screen when put in reverse, can you please provide some detail on how the dealer corrected this? Thank you!
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