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Originally Posted by p07r0457 View Post
That’s not the factory battery. Explains why the vent tube was disconnected. Not all aftermarket batteries have vent tubes. That looks like it’s probably a cheap lead-acid battery. If so, then I’d expect you’ll kill it quickly. These cars come with AGM batteries for a reason.

I would have encouraged you not to buy a car from Hertz. But live and learn. If a battery and FOB are the worst you have to deal with, then it’s not the worst of lessons.
Thank you
You're absolutely right, a friend of mine has a qx30 rental from enterprise, I looked under the hood and found that it has the OEM car battery with the tubing. These retards must have put inferior lead-acid battery in.

Seems like Infiniti/Mercedes uses a protective plate under the battery using an adhesive as well. Geez...all I am thinking about is dollar signs lol

Do you know how much an OEM battery costs / protective plate costs?
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